BTC3 What is it and why do we do it? 

If you are brand new to Outdoor Service Guides, you may wonder what is a BTC and why does it have a 3 as part of the name?

BTC is short for Brownsea Training Camp. The first ever organized scouting event happened on Brownsea Island in Great Britain. At that event the basic principles of scouting were tested; the patrol method, and learning from the outdoors. We chose the name Brownsea because our training is like that camp event. A weekend full of activities and adventures, not just sitting in a classroom being told what to do. BTC3 has been carefully developed to be an expansive, immersive, and educational event. It has been fine tuned to meet physical needs as well as include as much content as possible without being grueling.

Why it is BTC3?

The three is because this is the third version of the training we have developed as an organization. Brownsea training began at the very start of our organization and we have been working to continuously improve it.The original training was shorter, but it didn’t cover essential information like what to do as an otter or timberwolf leader. It was very bare bones and left most leaders who went through it with more questions than answers.

This third version is very special for several reasons. First of all, you get the chance to dive into every age level. This means that no matter which age level you will be leading, you are going to have a chance to get into the mindset and activities for that age level. You will feel what it is like to age up through our program and see how we approach each age level with regard for the differences in child development that occur naturally.

Why does it last all weekend?

Unfortunately, immersing everyone in the program takes some time. This is why BTC3 requires 2 nights of camping with us. Spending a half day on the otter program, a half day on the timberwolf program, and then time for pathfinders and rovers just adds up.

Beyond the obvious benefits of learning the program, many scout leaders find that the weekend also builds their confidence to lead a group in a wide variety of ways. If you aren’t experienced at camping, our trainers will help you learn to set up your tent and use your gear. All you need to do is ask for some help!

We also provide a full camp kitchen and a variety of foods to cook at camp for the weekend. This means you will leave knowing several recipes you can try with your own group! Not only that, but the dietary needs of every participant are taken into account, so even if you are allergic to gluten or dairy or something else, you will still get the experience of cooking and eating at camp.

Getting to Know Us

The other amazing thing that you get from this weekend of learning and scouting with us, is that you will make friends with some amazing people. We do our best to make sure each training has a minimum number of participants and trainers. So, at the end of the weekend, you not only know how to lead an OSG group, but you have friends you can call and ask for help.

Over the years, I have convinced many folks to attend a BTC3, and I can honestly say that I have never had someone say they regretted it. Many leaders choose to attend more than once because they are moving to a new age level and want to review the material or they want to experience the camaraderie and inclusion the weekend provides.

When You Love it….

Occasionally, we have leaders who love our BTC3 program so much, they choose to become trainers so they can provide this experience for others. As an all volunteer organization, that means that people REALLY love this program! They agree to put together the plan, the equipment and the food and show up over and over to do this for free.

Okay, so, you DO get a very nice badge to wear from attending. So technically, it isn’t without a reward… and if you become a trainer you can qualify for our coveted BTC sparkle patch. But honestly, our trainers do this because they love it. And they love it, because it really is an amazing way to spend a weekend.

If you would like to attend an upcoming BTC3 leader weekend, please check out the Training Page for upcoming events and/or contact your Regional Commissioner for details.


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