Our Team

OSG is a 100% volunteer-run organization. Everyone who works as a group leader, regional commissioner, or sits on the Board of Directors does so as a service to their communities and OSG as a whole. We are thankful to everyone who has put in the time to support the organization and its efforts.

Outdoor Service Guides is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

Board of Directors

Richard Sowdon, Chief Commissioner & President

Shane Heroux, Secretary secretary@osg-us.org 

Donathan Dedoloph, Treasurer treasurer@osg-us.org 

Jillian Tate, Board Member 

Ethan Jewett, Board Member

Regional Commissioners

Northeast: Jillian Tate, Commissioner
South: Nicholas Provenzo, Commissioner
Midwest: Chun-Yin Chong, Commissioner
Southwest:  Shane Heroux, Commissioners
West: Ethan Jewett, Commissioner
California: Dan Bixler, District Commissioner
1st Lone Scouts: Sue Pesznecker & Scott Moore