Chipmunks (2-4 years old)

Chipmunks is the youngest, level of our programming. It is very relaxed and focuses on the joy of being together in the outdoors. Chipmunks are generally younger siblings that have tagged along to meetings and are ages 2-4.

Not all groups offer chipmunk activities, as this level requires parents to take turns planning activities and working with these tiny guides. This program is very flexible and can be adapted to fit the needs of the specific Chipmunk Scurry.

Chipmunks are not required to register, unlike their older siblings, as we know that children this small may not be ready to focus and do much scouting. Parents are required to stay with chipmunks for all meetings and be responsible for their chipmunks at all times. Local groups may still require parents to complete registrations forms, liability waivers and to pay dues that are used for chipmunk activities. As chipmunk activities are often simple and free, like splashing in mud puddles, many groups allow them to participate at a discounted rate compared to the other levels of the program.


Chipmunks may wear a uniform of a bright yellow shirt and red necker. We use this combination for safety, so these littlest scouts can easily be seen no matter where they are playing.


This Leader Guide has further information on leading Chipmunks and how your group can adapt the program to meet your needs.

This Chipmunk Handbook can be printed so that each little chipmunk can have their own book, just like their older siblings! This version is small, meant to be cut and folded to make a chipmunk-sized book.  Here is a red cover to use for it.

The Chipmunk Handbook is also available in Spanish: Manual de Ardilla.

The red cover in Spanish is located here.

More information about Chipmunks and other printable versions of the Chipmunk Handbook can be found at