Scouting Programs

Outdoor Service Guides offers scouting programs for everyone, ages 3 to adult. There are five age groups, which we call Sections. Each Section has a specific program of study, a handbook, badges, and achievements. Each Section's program is calibrated to offer age-appropriate challenges and experiences to help foster a lifelong love of the outdoors, community service, and teamwork.


Your youngest scouts at ages 2 to 4, Chipmunks play games, explore the outdoors, and learn about working together as a team in a fun and engaging way.


Otters are 5 to 7 years old. Otters observe nature and learn about the world around them while practicing foundational skills that they will build on as they continue their scouting adventure.


At ages 8 to 10, Timberwolves learn about their responsibilities as a pack mate, how to care for themselves and their pack, and explore their interests. Every day is an adventure for a Timberwolf.


For scouts ages 12–17, Pathfinders explore leadership roles, take adventures on their own, and navigate adolescence with friends who are walking a similar path.



Yes, adults can earn badges too! Rovers is our program for adults who want to scout, challenge themselves, learn more about themselves. Leading by example, always in service to our communities.

When we say Scouting for Everybody, we mean it! We want to make scouting fun and accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, religious affiliation, or previous scouting experience. Some of our scouts have been scouting for decades, some started last month. Some started their scouting journey with another organization, some have been with OSG since it started over 15 years ago. We believe everyone has something to share, everyone can benefit from some time outdoors, and all of us can strive to be of service to our communities.