Rovers are the adult section of Outdoor Service Guides, intended for adults (18+) of all genders. There is no upper age limit for scouting with us, and adults can have fun scouting together and earning badges, too.

Rovers are organized into self-governing crews as part of an overall scout group. Most Rovers serve as scout leaders for the younger sections and manage the functioning of the larger group, but not all. Scouting for adults does not have to be about taking care of kids in the woods.

The Rover motto is simply “Service,” and it is put into practice both in the group and the community.


You can download a PDF of the Rover Handbook or visit the Quartermaster store to order a coil-bound version.

We also have an all new set of badges for Rovers to earn. You can find these in our Rover Badge Supplement booklet. If you have feedback on these new badges, you can send that to