Timberwolves (8-10 years old)

Timberwolves are scouts ages 8-10 who are ready to do more for themselves. The Timberwolves are ready for more independence from their parents and to do more activities as a wolf den. All meetings are for all genders together.

The Timberwolf program includes games, activities, and more badges than the Otter program. Timberwolves earn Star badges that emphasize general scouting skills and can earn proficiency badges in areas of interest. Timberwolves learn to safely use knives, light campfires and perform other scouting activities during these years.

The Timberwolf Den is led by at least two leaders, preferably of all genders. That way scouts see adults of all genders doing a wide variety of scouting activities.


The Timberwolf uniform is a grey T-shirt with short or long sleeves. Badges are sewn onto the front and sleeves of the shirt. This means that scout uniforms are clothes, meant to be worn and washed. Getting outside, hiking, camping, and playing are dirty work, so OSG uniforms are practical and affordable. You can purchase uniforms and badges through our Quartermaster Store.

Moving Up

Timberwolves age up to Pathfinders at age 11. Some groups move scouts up to another level on their birthday, while other groups prefer to have a ceremony at the end of the school year to move up a cohort together. You can ask your Group Scoutmaster which one your group participates in.

Group Scoutmasters are also allowed to decide if a scout should move to a new age level sooner or later than their peers. Because we do welcome many special needs scouts, we encourage our leaders to make the best decisions for their scouts. Some scouts may do best with having an extra year of Timberwolves before moving up to the Pathfinder program.


The Timberwolf Handbook can be purchased from the Quartermaster or downloaded as a PDF.

There are additional resources available on the Guides4Guides Resource page.