Pathfinder (11-17 years old)

Pathfinders is our program for ages 11-17. Pathfinders grow from scouts who are learning to ones who are doing tasks independently to leading and teaching other scouts.

Pathfinders work in patrols, which results in small group work where they develop teamwork and develop their scouting skills. Patrols are an important part of the small group learning that happens in scouting. Each patrol has its own name, colors, and call. These elements are decided on by the scouts so that they have a group identity. These patrols are used to create teams for games, and they provide structure for camp chores. Patrols work together to cook and clean while in camp.

The Pathfinder program is designed to help young people learn skills that will lead to being independent, self-sufficient adults. The program requires scouts to first earn the Tenderfoot badge that focuses on general scouting skills and knowledge. The program includes advancements and special proficiency badges the scouts work on after earning Tenderfoot. The program provides room for the Pathfinders to explore their individual interests and self-sufficiency, while also doing things as part of a team.


The Pathfinder Handbook is being rewritten and revised.

You can download the older pathfinder handbook, written for BPSA.

You can download the pre-released first 3 chapters of the new handbook with all 101 special proficiency badges  here.

There are additional leader resources available on the Guides4Guides pathfinder resource page.