15 Year Award

In 2021 Outdoor Service Guides, formerly BPSA, quietly celebrated our 15th year in existence. Considering the challenges of the pandemic and our renaming process, we seek to now celebrate those who participated in our programs in 2021 with a special recognition. This new badge is available for scouts who scouted in 2021, either with a group or on their own. Scouts who were members of groups who were not meeting in 2021 due to Covid concerns may still determine if they are eligible for the award. 

The 15 Year Award is a rope with a knot in it on a rectangle that is to be worn over the left breast pocket, or in a similar place for otters and timberwolves. The inspirational quote that goes with this year’s badge is “When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” The badge was designed by Chance Michaels of the 5th Prospect Park group. 

Outdoor Service Guides 15 Year Award Requirements 

To qualify for this award, you must have participated in at least one scouting activity in 2021, either independently or in a group and also have completed the requirement for your section as listed below. 


Otters qualifying for this award will have exhibited their motto of Busy and Bright on at least one occasion.  


To qualify for this badge as a timberwolf the scout must have exhibited the motto of Do Your Best on at least one occasion. 


To qualify for this badge as a pathfinder the scout must have exhibited the motto of Being Prepared  on at least one occasion. 


To qualify for this badge you must have participated in at least one scouting activity, including zoom calls or emails with your commissioner and also have done something to exhibit the Rover motto of Service. Your service may have been performed for Outdoor Service Guides, for another organization, or it may have been another way you met this requirement by helping your community. 


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