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We have completed the election process for this year.  It was perhaps more complicated that we would have hoped, but we are happy to announce we have a full board that represents the best of OSG.  Thanks again to Nick and Mark on the election committee for making this happen.  Under the new bylaws one or more Board seats are up for election each year.

One of the complications this cycle was that after we announced the nomination period in email, we did not receive enough nominations to fill the vacancies.  We clearly did not do enough to get the word out and this is something we will do much better next year.  To address the situation, we made a second call for nominations so the Board could engage the membership and gather input while using the process in the bylaws for filling vacancies outside an election.


To try to provide clarity here is current Board, how they got on the Board and when they are up for election again. Presented in order of Board tenure:

Richard Sowdon

  • Elected under previous bylaws.
  • Assigned to election cycle B, current bylaws.
  • Term ends 2024 election.

Jillian Tate

  • Original three-person Board voted to create 2 new seats to better represent membership.
  • Appointed by Board vote to newly created cycle C seat.
  • Term ends 2025 election.

Shane Heroux

  • Elected to Board by 2023 election to the second newly created Board seat.
  • 2023 election was for cycle A seats.
  • Term ends 2026 election.

Carrie Davis

  • Appointed by Board vote to cycle A seat not filled in election.
  • Incumbent Mathias Neuber did not seek re-election and seat was not filled during election due to lack of nominations.
  • Mathias continued to serve via the holdover provision in the bylaws until the seat could be filled.
  • Term ends 2026 election.

Ethan Jewett

  • Incumbent was elected under previous bylaws but has had to step away for personal reasons.
  • Appointed by Board vote to remainder of cycle C term.
  • Term ends 2025 election.


Separately the Board appoints officers to conduct the day-to-day affairs of OSG.  The Board may replace officers by vote at any time. Officers may be, but are not required to, be Board members. Below are the current officers and appointment dates:


Chief Commissioner

  • Richard Sowdon, February 2022


  • Shane Heroux, March 2023


  • Donathan Dedolph, April 2023


We are excited to welcome Carrie, Ethan, and Donathan to their new roles.  Please offer them your support as they continue to serve OSG.  Please contact Richard or any Board member with questions.


OSG Board of Directors

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