Covid Update from HQ, June 2020

With many areas re-opening and different levels of Covid risk across the country, please follow your local guidelines in deciding when and how your scouting in groups might resume.  As a baseline, the CDC has helpful guidelines here:

In addition to following local guidelines, please also consider different people’s risk comfort levels and the current strain on families – the other volunteers that help your group function.  Asking folks to participate, whether in planning or even just showing up, may be a relief from isolation, but may also be a much larger burden than usual.  In keeping with our pledge to inclusivity, please also make sure you are respecting different levels of risk and exposure tolerance within your group. This may manifest in greater vigilance in distancing, mask wearing, etc., offering alternate, on-line contact, meeting in much smaller groups, etc. 

BTCs are subject to very specific case-by-case need and availability.  For new groups who have applied for charters, the National Training Committee and HQ are working on a plan so that they may begin their scout groups. For other BTC needs, please contact your Regional Commissioner.

Current happenings about the BPSA are available at our social media sites. Come visit us at our Trailhead. Or if you prefer Facebook, we can be found at our Baden-Powell Service Association Community Page.