Virtual Onboarding & Leadership Training

The BPSA-US Training Committee members are proud to host the Winter 2021 Virtual Onboarding & Leadership Training. VOLT is the BPSA-US answer to the problem of social distancing and simultaneously expanding our organization. New GSMs and Adult leaders who cannot attend a Brownsea Training Camp (BTC-3) at this time due to the restrictions placed on in-person gatherings in their state can come together virtually and get the basics of the BPSA program.

During this course, you will receive training in the BPSA-US’s core mission and policies from each of the program’s four sections, leaving you better prepared to begin work within your BPSA scout group. Additionally, the event will provide you with an intro to several scoutcraft skills and set you on a path to earning your own Rover Tenderfoot badge. Best of all, you’ll have a chance to make new Scout friends (virtually) and begin to develop bonds that will continue to flourish after we begin to scout together again.

The VOLT training is not intended to replace the BTC-3: Please bear in mind that you will be expected to attend a BTC-3 in person as soon as possible as it is a requirement for adult leaders in BPSA-US.

BPSA-US Training Committee:
Donathan Dedolph, BPSA-US National Training Commissioner
Lori Murphy, BPSA-US Southwest Regional Training Commissioner
Richard Sowdon, BPSA-US South Regional Training Commissioner
Micah Best, BPSA-US Northeast Regional Training Commissioner

  IMPORTANT INFORMATION VOLT Virtual Sessions will be 2 hour sessions over the course of 3 days with a total of 5 sessions.  You should plan to attend each session as they all cover different materials.


  • 3/19/21 VOLT begins 1st Session 7pm-9pm 
  • 3/20/21 2nd Session 9am-11pm and 3rd Session 4pm-6pm 
  • 3/21/21 4th Session 11pm-1pm and 5th Session 4pm-6pm

(all times are in CT,  for ET 1 hour later,  for PT 3 hours earlier.)

 Once you’ve registered, we will send you a supply list of items you may need for the program and detailed information about the course agenda. Please Note: VOLT is an adults-only course, and only for registered GSMs and Rovers. And as such, only those registrants will be allowed to attend virtually during the course. This is necessary so that participants can focus completely on the training event and benefit fully from it. Please do your best to break the time so that you have as little interruption as possible. The VOLT training is not intended to replace the BTC-3 and attendance at an in person BTC-3 is still required even if you have taken VOLT. For more information about the Baden-Powell Service Association, visit Register Now   Donate for Supplies Here!